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Seminars & Talks

This is just a small sampling of the seminars & talks Bob can conduct for your community.

For more options, please contact Bob.

Preservation Doesn't Cost -- It Pays!

Bob at the IPTN Conference-Kentucky 2010This is a fun and dynamic talk by Bob Yapp that takes participants through the economic benefits of historic preservation with written materials. Learn how to counteract property rights arguments. Participants leave this experience entertained and empowered. Talk = 1 to 2 hours with Q & A up to an additional hour possible. Great Keynote

Energy Efficiency for Old Houses & Buildings

Just because it’s shiny and new does not mean it will work in our old house or building. This seminar dispels myths and addresses how old houses were designed . Bob talks about what retro-fits for energy efficiency actually work as well as paybacks. Insulation, air flow, weather stripping, windows, geo thermal, solar and wind are all topics of discussion.

Is Every Old House or Building Really Historic?

Why are some old buildings and houses historic, while others are not? 1 hour – Q & A

Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation. Bible or a Guideline?

Created in the 1960’s, the SISR has been the guiding document for historic preservation in America. Is it still relevant and how can it be used and interpreted to your organizations greatest benefit? 1 hour with Q & A

Creating a Preservation Ethic in Your Community.

“Preservation is just a foo foo thing that can only be done or funded when economics times are at their best”. If you’ve ever heard this or something like this in your community, then this training session is for you. Bob Yapp walks participants through the process necessary to create a preservation ethic in your community. 1.5 hours with Q & A

Blue Vinyl Screening

The award winning, documentary film about the environmental hazards of vinyl siding and windows. Bob will lead a discussion after the screening that covers the harm done to historic buildings when original windows are replaced; structural damage caused by vinyl siding and how to achieve a 12 to 15 year paint job. 3.5 hours.

Educate Before You Designate

Education is the key ingredient for any successful local, historic district. Should the educating process begin before the designation or after? Bob Yapp will answer these questions and provide strategies for a successful local designation process. 1 hour with Q & A

Great Unveilings

Learn how to conduct a Great Unveiling in your neighborhood. It’s like a reverse barn raising. Instead of putting up a barn 20 to 40 people gather together to remove vinyl, aluminum, asbestos or insul-brick siding from a historic home in one day. 1 to 2 hrs with Q & A
Are You the Paint Police or The Preservation Collaborators?
Learn effective ways to work with people living in local landmarks and historic districts. Avoiding the pitfalls that can turn folks against your ordinance is the key to this talk. 1 hour with Q & A

Paint It Right!

How to get a 12 to 15 year, cost effective paint job for your historic house. You can hire it done, never lift a finger and do it twice in 24 to 30 years for about the same price of a competent vinyl siding job that will last 15 years. 1 to 3 hours with Q & A, props & handouts.

Old Windows Aren't A Pane --- They're a Goldmine

A primer on how to cost effectively repair/restore and make old windows as or more energy efficient than replacement windows. 1 to 3 hours with Q & A, props and handouts.

Getting Shellacked or Innovative Woodwork Finishing & Refinishing

Safe and efficient ways to remove old paint and natural finishes from woodwork. 1 hour with Q & A and props.

Passive Wood Floor Restoration

Passive wood floor restoration techniques as well as floor repairs. When to aggressively sand a floor. 1 hr with Q & A & props

How To Hire & Work With a Contractor

Finding and hiring the right contractor is one of the biggest problems identified by historic homeowners. Bob will walk participants through the process. 1 hour with Q & A.

Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies

A step-by-step strategy for taking your neighborhood back, utilizing historic preservation and activism as tools for success. 1 to 3 hours with Q & A and handouts.

You Can't Live In a Museum or Can You?

Strategies about how to make historic homes livable for today while respecting the architecture and staying within the Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation. 1 hour with Q & A.

Historic Porches: Restoration or Recreation

Historic Porch RecreationThis session addresses how to research and construct missing original porches as well as restore original porches. 1 to 2 hours with Q & A

Additions That Work

Safe and efficient ways to remove old paint and natural finishes from woodwork. 1 hour with Q & A and props.

For more information and fee structures, contact Bob Yapp at 217-474-6052 or by e-mail at