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Disposable Replacement Windows are Just That!

Disposable Replacement Windows are Just That! I’ve been reading all these posts on the mutitude of so-called “Green” websites and blogs with great interest. They mostly say you should get rid of your old and historic windows in favor of disposable replacement windows. This is truly anti-green and anti-energy efficiency!

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Vinyl Siding VS Wood Siding

Vinyl Siding VS Wood Siding Are new replacement products well suited for old and historic houses? Hardly. If you stop and think about how old houses are built and how they were intended to work it becomes clear, most replacement products don’t cut the mustard. So, what about the billions

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Kitchen Cabinet Quality

Kitchen Cabinet Quality A kitchen cabinet is just a kitchen cabinet, right? Well, not exactly. Next to buying a house or sending your kids to college, designing and installing a new kitchen will be one of the most expensive endeavors a homeowner will ever undertake. In many cases it will

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What Is That Slate Siding On My House?

What Is That Slate Siding On My House? I was chatting with a house painting contractor recently who had an interesting question. ” I’ve been asked to give a bid on painting a house with asbestos shingle siding (probably from the late 40’s or early 50’s) and a number of

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Why Should We Save Old Wood?

Why Should We Save Old Wood? “New is good, old is bad” We hear this mantra in our society every day. Somehow your home is substandard if you don’t install vinyl windows and vinyl siding. The replacement product industry claims these products are “no maintenance, energy efficient and will last

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Steel Casement Windows

Steel Casement Windows Over the years I’ve been around and worked on many steel casement windows in Tudor Revival style homes as well as commercial buildings. They were popular from about 1910 to 1935. I’ve also seen many homeowners rip them out and replace them with inferior and less energy

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