Hands-On Field Workshops

Bob is available to conduct hands-on workshops in your community on any number of topics.

Exterior Wood Repair 

Owners of old and historic houses and contractors can learn how to save money and time by repairing old rotted trim, columns and spindles rather than replacing them. Students will learn how to use architectural epoxies as well as making real wood repairs to original wood surfaces.

According to Yapp, "Most old house owners look at their original rotted wood columns, railings, balusters (spindles), windows, and trim and feel they can't be saved. The replacement product industry is counting on you believing this and spends tens of millions of dollars a year to convince to consumers to buy their products. Most of the wooden parts in old homes are made with old growth lumber that is just not available any longer. By repairing these character defining features you can save this stronger and more rot resistant lumber with less hassle and lower cost than replacing it."

Up to 12 participants. One or two days of fun and intense, hands-on learning with handouts. Also available in three and five day configurations


Window Restoration Boot Camp

This event has been hugely popular. We offer one, three and five day Window Restoration & Weatherization Boot Camps. These hands-on events takes the student through the repair and restoration process by actually doing the work from beginning to end. Up to 12 students can participate. Students will leave knowing how to cost effectively restore historic windows and make them as or more energy efficient than a replacement window.

We also can cater this event strictly for contractors including how to incorporate window restoration into a business. We can email more detailed information on this. Nothing is greener than an old window!


Great Unveilings

Bob personally conducts a Great Unveiling. Bob will assist your community plan and undertake the removal of non-original siding from one to two houses in a day. This event really brings neighborhoods and organizations together. This event is very visual and creates a great media opportunity. If you're interested in this event we have additional materials we can email.


Passive Wood Flooring Repair & Restoration

This is an intense, learn-by-doing opportunity. This class is not about aggressively drum sanding wood floors so they look new. Much like fine antiques we want to keep the character defining features and patina of the flooring.

You will learn how to patch bad areas so they don't look patched, passively remove the damaged old finish, remove water and pet stains as well as how to apply a finish. At the end of the three days you will know from beginning to end, how to repair & passively restore any hardwood or softwood tongue & grooved strip floor.


Other Three to Five Day Hands-On Workshops Bob Yapp Can Conduct

Making Wooden Storm Windows


Historic Porch Repair & Restoration


Laying Wood Flooring in Historic Buildings


Interior Woodwork Restoration/Conservation


Interior Woodwork Refinishing


Exterior Painting


Woodworking for Old Houses & Buildings


Masonry- Re-pointing Brick & Stone


For more information contact Bob Yapp @ 573-629-2226, cell 217-474-6052 or via our contact form.

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