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Abandoned Lots - What's a Community To Do?

Abandoned lots dot the central city landscape in small towns to big cities throughout America. Tearing down an existing historic house is one of the least green things a community can do. Doing so also takes away the cultural and historic context of our neighborhoods. Vacant lots are magnets for crime, trash and despair as well as a prescription for property taxes to plummet.

What It Means to Be Green

There's a lot of talk these day about being environmentally "green". So, what does it all mean and why should we care?

Why Shouldn't I Replace My Windows?

Many people have said to me they need new windows because they fear lead paint, want better soundproofing, energy efficiency and easy cleaning. Then the answer is to restore original windows, not replace them. Restoration will cost less and the windows will be lead free, soundproof, energy efficient and easily cleaned.